FMS LLC has signed a contract with Aspire Mining LTD for Nuurstei project Feasibility study

“FMS” LLC which is 50% owned by Euro Khan has signed a contract to provide a full suite of project development services to enable Aspire Mining to quickly and efficiently complete the Nuurstei Project Feasibility Study. Drilling and support services contractor FMS LLC appointed to manage drilling and sampling activities, advise on washability test work and provide other components of the Feasibility Study.

Nuurstei Coking Coal Project Background

The Nuurstei mining licence (MV- 020941) is 90% owned by Aspire and is located in northern Mongolia. The site of the Nuurstei project is approximately 550km northwest of Ulaanbaatar and 15km south west of the Aimag center of Murun. The proximity of the Nuurstei project to existing infrastructure (town, road, rail and services) provides an excellent opportunity to assess the economics of a road-based operation prior to the construction of the Erdenet to Ovoot Railway. Depending on the further analysis of the results of an intended 2018 drilling program, future positive economic studies, funding and the grant of necessary approvals and licenses, the Nuurstei Project could commence a road based production operation and then later have access to the new Erdenet to Ovoot Railway two years from commencement of the rail construction.

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